Monday, 22 May 2017 21:11

The Darkness

Darkness. I close my eyes and that's all I see. I open them and I'm consumed.

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Saturday, 09 July 2016 13:03


 I talk a lot about body image and the way society tells us how we should be but one of the things that really bugs me, and something that isn't talked about too often, is censorship. Censorship is a funny thing and the very nature of it brings conflict between what we feel we should be and what we feel others should see us as. It allows us to feel outrage against others and it also opens up the door for contradiction. Parents are forever telling their children that they should accept the way they are. 

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Bodies. They're a weird thing. Although we're all born with one, the majority of us fear them. We fear our own and we fear the bodies of others yet we don't really understand why. If we're not fearing, we're mocking and at some point in time, society told us this was acceptable. Those that don't mock, stand back and portray another form of fear. A fear of being judged in the same way of those that they witness. It's become a modern dilemma. Do we intervene and stand up for those that are being mocked because of the way they look and face the possible repercussion of being mocked ourselves or do we stand back in the shadows, watching and becoming a part of that judgement process?

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