The Darkness

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Darkness. I close my eyes and that's all I see. I open them and I'm consumed.


For many, life is a constant struggle. It's a battle to survive and only the strongest make it. For others, life is simple. It's easy and the complexities of actually living make no mark on them. I'm not that lucky. I've battled and battled up until the point where even hope seemed distant. I pick myself up and another hurdle comes my way. Living doesn't come naturally.

On the outside I'm strong. I'm a leader. I'm the person that most strive to be. I portray confidence and a level of cockiness that some assume to be arrogance. On the inside, I'm the opposite. I seek validation from others through selective information that I share. I'm a mess. I'm not the person most would want to be around and I'm not the person I want to be.

Recently, I've become less of the person I portray and more of the person I hide. It's like the demons within are trying to escape and I've got no control. Some days I feel as though I'm on a path of self destruction and rather than fight it, I just let it happen. I've become what I would I would describe as weak. But am I?

Is my weakness what I initially thought to be my strength? Could it be that actually, all this time, my exterior is the very thing that has held me back? Could it be that my darkness, the very thing that consumes me, is the very same thing that gives me power?

I wanted to create a set of images that portrayed this. A sense of loneliness and consumption yet a hint of strength and empowerment. I wanted to bring you, the viewer, into my darkness and for you to think about your own

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