Fight hate, spread love

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Every now and then, I feel compelled to write something that for some, is controversial. Society tells us that, in order for us to be socially accepted, we must adhere to the rules set. We shouldn't question others on their actions or opinions despite knowing they are in the wrong because, if we do, people turn off. People think that you're a trouble maker if you don't comply, they shun you. 


Today was no different. After reading various posts made by 'friends' on social media, I felt the need to speak up. I found myself being wound up by cruel and vicious posts attacking the Muslim community because of the actions of a few. I can't just stand by and allow this. I can't sit back and say nothing. 

I'm under no illusion that I will lose 'friends' over the post I made and I'll most likely receive some nasty messages in my inbox but i'm willing to take that on because I want the Muslim community to know that I stand with them and I will be vocal about it. I want the world to know that in order to stop the violence, we need to fight hate and spread love. 

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