Born and raised in Cambridgeshire and growing up in a sleepy village with not a lot going on, I had always let my imagination run a little wild. I had to be creative to escape the boredom and I adapted quickly to 'thinking outside the box'. It is with this mindset that my passion for photography developed and ultimately, pushed me into the direction I now find myself in.

At 21, I moved to Cornwall. A picturesque part of the country with plenty of opportunities for capturing a beautiful image. It was with this that I was able to practice what I do and seek new ideas and challenges to fully show what I wanted to portray. Over time, I soon learnt that for me to be satisfied with my work, I had to somehow get the image from my head into a format that others could view and understand.

I had two different directions that I wanted to go in. I wanted to create challenging images that would captivate the viewer and, as a keen campaigner for positive body image, I wanted to use models within my work with all different body types to highlight the fact that , no matter what your size or shape, there is something unique and beautiful.

Feeling the need to practice what I preach, I started to pose in the buff for life drawing classes. I needed to be the subject in order to gain the understanding of how my models would feel. Although I'm no stranger to getting my kit off, at home or in group settings, posing for art classes was a challenge. Having eyes staring at me relentlessly for a couple of hours was something that didn't cross my mind initially! Having experienced the position of a subject in the name of art, I found a sense of sympathy for any model I work with. My nerves become theirs and with this, I do what I can to put my models at ease and work at a pace which makes them comfortable. I like to think that this is portrayed within my images. 

Now, at the tender age of 30, my passion has reignited and with my previous experiences, I'm fueled even more to create images that not only capture the viewer, but also make them think about the model and their own insecurities. 

I don't want to lose touch with the base of my work which is to get a positive approach to body image in the mainstream.